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BORDER Fine Art Naples

Oil painting "LOOSE CHANGE"

Oil painting "LOOSE CHANGE"

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The original oil on canvas painting is authenticated by the author. The size is 40H x 30W, Gallery wrap is 1.5 in. Giclées and high-quality prints of other sizes are available upon request.

US Election: The fight for power and leadership, which is constantly happening in our society, is exhaustive and wasteful for its people. When two opponents become aggressive and uncompromising, the cacophony from both extremes drowns out truth and reason, which become as fragile and unnoticeable as... ladybugs.
Ladybugs are thought to bring good luck, abundance, and protection to all who encounter them. They are often seen as an omen of good things to come. They represent the sacred values of family, friendship and love, which overweight the elusive values of political victory.

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