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BORDER Fine Art Naples

Oil painting "Flowers of evil"

Oil painting "Flowers of evil"

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The original oil on canvas painting is authenticated by the author. The size is 40H x 30W, Gallery wrap is 1.5 in. Giclées and high-quality prints of other sizes are available upon request.

The war of Russia against Ukraine in 2022 brings to mind the biblical story about Cain and Abel, where a brother raised his hand to a brother and shed his innocent blood.

Widespread support for the war in Russia arises from chaos and anxiety when societal values, which should be clear-cut, become ambiguous, and then vice wins over virtue and the flowers of the evil bloom... It echoes with Charles Baudelaire's poetry "Les Fleurs du Mal" ("The Flowers of Evil"), which reflects confusion in society when basic moral values become borderline. The "Z"s have become the pro-war symbol of the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine. They look ominously like Naci's semi-swastika and personify the flowers of evil on a dead tree. The war has brought tremendous pain and suffering to millions of people and deprived youth of happiness. The country lies in ruins. But the girl's headband gives hope that even where evil is buried beautiful flowers will still bloom.

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